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martial arts reviews

High quality service

Since my two children have been enrolled, they have learned a lot of respect, self control and confidence. Seeing them progress in just a few weeks of being there is astonishing. I am extremely happy with this tae kwon do place. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going anywhere else. I’d give more than 5 stars if I could. LOVE LOVE this placeLess

 Aleshia M.

martial arts review

Best Taekwondo in Canton

When I first enrolled my 4 year old daughter, Emily, into taekwondo, I wasn’t sure she was going to like it or be outgoing enough. I couldn’t have been more wrong. She looks forward to her weekly classes with Master Won, Mr. Ollie and Miss April. In Little Tigers she is actively engaged, physically and mentally challenged and learning respect. I have seen her grow in her confidence and self-esteem. As a parent watching the class, I go through all these random emotions – total awe, those “YES!” moments and laughter (don’t let the instructors fool you – they inject humor into their daily training). I would highly recommend Master Won’s Tae Kwon Do Education to everyone. It’s really worth it just to come out and do a trial class. My daughter was hooked right away and so was I as her mom.Less

 Lyndsey E.

martial arts review

Great learning experience!

My daughter had been talking about starting classes everytime we stopped by to get frozen yogurt(which is right next door). Finnally I mentioned it to the mother of one of her friends whom just happens to attend there and she got me all the information I needed about the place, along with a few discounts. Since the very first class my 6 yr old begs to go daily! Is learning a lot, all the instructors are great, and I love the fact that finnally we have found an activity we can stick to.Less

 Jaci A.

martial arts reviews

Family Approved

Any review for WTE begins with Master Won’s commitment to his students. It’s more than teaching Tae Kwon Do; the kids learn how to persevere. Master Won and his staff make sure each student feels comfortable and successful. Many cool things that happen at WTE other than training. There are birthday parties, parents’ night out and special events. My child is working towards his black belt. He’s twice had the option to stop TKD and do a different activity. Both times, he chose to continue.Less

 Duane W.


martial arts reviews

Great experience

My son has been going to this school for a year and a half. We are very pleased with the staff. The leaders and junior leaders always make my son feel welcome. They are very knowledgeable of form and are great teachers and role models. Master Won is amazing with the children. He truly cares for each child there. He makes it a point to ask me and my family how we are doing each time we walk in. He has a way with these kids to teach them, encourage them and discipline them with a caring demeanor. Master Won is amazing to watch and I am proud to have him teach my child.Less

 Tammy R.


martial arts reviews

A life changing experience for you or someone you love!

My son has been attending Master Won’s classes for over a year. Master Won is patient, incouraging and consistant with all the children. My son really enjoys going to participate and learn. All the instructors are professional, yet fun. We are welcomed like part of a family. I would highly recommend this school.Less

 Jill W.


martial arts reviews


Before enrolling my daughter in this school, she was very shy and had little confidence. After working with the friendly staff my daughter has shown huge improvements, she is doing better in school an is first to raise her hand. I tell everyone that is looking for something to do for either themselves or their children to try this.Less

 Rachel B.


martial arts review

Master Won’s TKD is AWESOME!

Our daughter started Master Won’s school earlier this year. Master Won’s class sizes are perfect and never overcrowded. We appreciate that Master Won keeps the mats and equipment clean and sanitized unlike other schools we have attended. Master Won and his instructors are always professional and the students respect that they require their best at all times. The only thing I would say is to the PARENTS of the students who attend the class: We pay a great deal for our child to attend a professional school and we do not appreciate when PARENTS are rude during the class or testing. Please silence your phone, go outside to talk. Control your younger children!! It is very distracting to the students to have your little children running around screaming during a class or hearing you laughing & carrying on. Be respectful. Teach your children the same.Less

 Mindy R.


martial arts reviews

Master Won and his instructors are amazing! My son came to them with little focus/confidence and time management issues in school. Just 6 months later, he completes his tasks early in school and raises his hand in class. I am thrilled at the change in him! He sets goals for himself now (including becoming a black belt) and thrives under their instructions. He asks ME to practice with him at home. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them!Less

 Jessie S.


martial arts review

Master Won is the ultimate professional

We love Won’s Tae Kwon Do. Master Won is great with motivating his students, as well as integrating fun. He is very considerate and respectful of each individual. He is sensitive to the needs of his students and families. This is a great place to learn the discipline of Tae Kwon Do and to build character.Less

 Denice U.


martial arts reviews

High quality service, professional, and friendly

Won’s Taekwondo has been a great safe place for my kids. They have the best staff that encourages my children to do their best and have fun. We would recommend them to anyone looking for a Taekwondo studio.Less

 Tenille S.


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